Retro news: I bought a PS Vita

The debate over just what counts as ‘retro’ rages and will continue to rage on. For my own interpretation, with Sony having shifted focus and ceased in-house development for the system, we can all but declare the system dead, and what can an old, dead system be but retro!

Haha, I kid of course. Hahahaha.

Really, what I meant by the PS Vita being a retro console is that one of the main incentives to buy it is its ability to play PSone games (retro) and, less compellingly, PSP games (retro?). Also, recently the firmware was hacked and emulation of older systems made possible. More recently than even that, Sony patched the firmware! So emulation of older systems is once again out (if you want your Vita to continue playing other games, too). But! I have confidence the system will once again be hacked. Piracy: it’s an arrms race.

Note that I don’t condone piracy, I only condone emulation. The emulation of dead systems with wild, free abandon. But they come as a package: can’t have one without the other, which is a shame because it will just ensure Sony is on the ball with keeping homebrew locked out.

ANYWAY. Emulation or no, I’ve got a ship load of PSone classics on my wishlist that I’m excited to play. I never owned a Playstation, and whilst I have played most of the system’s big hitters via friends or ports to later systems, there are a lot of golden oldies waiting to be discovered.

The potentially interesting point to all this is I’ll be reviewing these old PSone classics, and from a position of no added nostalgia, so you can guarantee every one of my words will be solid gold spears of objective truth, spearing your heart. The final word.

First up: Alundra.


See you in 30 hours.

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